strelsau (strelsau) wrote,

"You wouldn't fare too well in a federal prison"

George Clooney makes this oblique tribute to Ryan Gosling's beauty in The Ides of March, a film that also features Ryan getting distracted by the televised image of George while in bed with his girlfriend, and George receiving a call from his ex-lover's phone, only to find that the person on the other end of the line is Ryan. From the poster I expected the movie to be sort of unconsciously homoerotic, I just didn't realise that it would be this blaring.

That said, the thing that interested me most was how normatized the Clooney character was with regard to sexuality. Playing a presidential candidate who's obviously a sort of avatar of himself, who gets to say all the things that real presidential candidates aren't allowed to say - he's an atheist, he's against the death penalty, he favours a non-violent solution to dealing with terrorism, he doesn't think socialism is a terrible thing - the one Clooney-like, anti-presidential attribute that he's missing is Clooney's bachelorhood. He has a pretty, adoring wife and a child. Apparently Clooney could, or wanted to, conceive of a world where a man who supported those policy positions could get elected - but a world where a Clooneyesque bachelor could is beyond even imagination.
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